Environmental Quality in Relation to Wealth

Coastal pollution pollution-fact-pollution-and-waste-in-developing-country

We are all aware that wealthy nations face pollution problems but often we tend to disregard how impoverished states fare in their environmental quality. Impoverished countries do not have the funds to deal with the problems caused by pollution and so they are far worst off. In the state of California we have implemented a plastic bag ban for major grocer outlets that went into effect starting on the 1st of 2014 (this year) which will greatly reduce our carbon footprint as well as generate environmentally conscious movements to further conserve our environment.

Ever since the industrial revolution we have rapidly been disregarding the well-being of our home planet. The industrial machine has and continues to cause pollution in relation to air, water and land.

According to an article on infactcollaborative, the world generates more than 4 billion tons of industrial waste (which enters our oceans and rivers) each year. They have also stated more than 15,000 people die each year due to water pollution.

According to the ILO, air pollution plagues developing countries not just from stack emissions of pollutants but also small-scale factories. In Cubatao, Brazil a case study had shown out of 480 primary school students 55.3% had been effected by low pulmonary function due to air pollution.

The ILO also stated the adverse effects of water and soil pollution, developing nations take the pollutants of developed nations and these hazardous pollutants cause health problems for the local populations of countries such as Thailand and Nigeria.

One of the main movements in stopping environmental pollution is research into finding renewable energy. By stopping the use of fossil fuels and getting people to utilize renewable, clean energy sources we can save lives and our planet.

ABC 10 most polluted

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Happy New Year


Hello everyone we here at AppliedPress would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year. Thanks for sticking with us for an amazing year, we hope your 2014 will be even more amazing. Stay classy and remember life is an ongoing educational experience. =)

image credit: PreciousBytes on Flickr

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Converting Carbon Dioxide into Energy


131212185904-largeAccording to ScienceDaily, scientists are developing a new technology which involves converting unwanted Carbon Dioxide into a form of geothermal energy which will give 10 times the amount of power than current geothermal solutions.

In order to execute this idea the research team had created a power plant that seems to combine conventional power plant design with a large hadron collider. As explained in Science Daily, “It features a series of concentric rings of horizontal wells deep underground. Inside those rings, CO2, nitrogen and water circulate separately to draw heat from below ground up to te surface, where the heat can be used to turn tubines and generate electricity.”

The plant would likely require a large source of CO2, such as a coal-fire power plant that would be connected by pipeline.


Source: ScienceDaily

Image source: Science Daily with credit to Ohio State University


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Clean Energy Institute opens at University of Washington


At the University of Washington there has been an opening of a new Clean Energy Institute which will developing green technologies. The institute had opened this past Thursday and was funded with $6 million in order to support research for the next two years. 

This new institution will be working hand in hand with researchers at UW as well as a partnership with federal Pacific Northwest National labs according to the associated press. 

The Clean Energy Institute is focused on creating energy related technologies at the moment such as smart-grids as well as solar power storage. Researchers from UW have created an ink like material that can coat surfaces and create inexpensive solar cells.

Source: NewsDaily

Image source: NewsDaily

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Kickstarter Highlight: rePly Furniture – A Green approach to furniture


One might ask what can you do with discarded wood that no one else has a use for? rePly answers by turning it into new furniture. rePly located in Tacoma, Washington takes plywood from cabinet shops that discard it and re-purpose it to create unique furniture from recycled materials. In their kickstarter they need to raise funds in order to find local “green” retailers in order to sell their recycled unique furniture. They have a variety of backer rewards for anyone that supports them and have raised around half of their $12,500 goal. To find out more about rePly Furniture click on the link below.


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Next Generation Gaming Analysis

With the next generations console offerings coming up next month we’ve decided to update our comparisons of the offerings between Sony and Microsoft.


Both Microsoft and Sony are producing consoles that are essentially mid-range gaming PCs. The differences being the operating system interface and controllers. Each of these powerful little machines have multimedia features and the capability to stream games, what it comes down to of course are the exclusive games dedicated to each platform. The release date for Playstation 4 is November 15th for $399 and Xbox One November 22nd for $499.

Features that both consoles have:

  • The ability to play blu-ray disc based games on any console, this means you can loan, sell, or buy games without worrying if it will work on your console or not. You own the game.
  • Subscription based online multi-player. Both PS4 and Xbox One require a monthly subscription service to play online retail games. (It’s said this is not required for free to play games on PS4 like PlanetSide 2.)
  • 8 core AMD CPUs and 8 GB RAM. (The RAM on Xbox One clocks in at DDR3 while the PS4 is GDDR5)
  • Recording gameplay and streaming. You can record your game-play sessions to watch later or stream to platforms such as Twitch.tv and UStream.
  • Independent game developer support.
  • Support for “Apps” such as Netflix, Amazon  Video, Pandora Radio, Youtube etc.
  • 500 GB Internal Storage (PS4 can be swapped out for a larger hard drive, Xbox cannot.)
  • No backwards compatibility outside of the box
  • Both offer Cross game chat and voice commands
  • Both consoles have premium account sharing features. Such as one Gold or PS+ account on a console allows all users access to online features even if they are free members.

Xbox One Exclusive Features:

  • Expanded Achievements
  • Upload Studio, a tool for editing captured gameplay to share with the community.
  • Smart match, allows you to enjoy other activities such as skype while waiting for a match based on skill.
  • Living games, games evolve and learn from players. Play against your friend’s shadow. Dynamic worlds.
  • Xbox Smartglass, allows your tablet or smartphone to be used as a second screen for games and apps and as a controller.
  • Sports, Stats and live video as well as NFL.com Fantasy Football.
  • Live TV, watch live TV through your Xbox One. No switching inputs.
  • Skype: 1080p Skype video chatting up to 4 participants.
  • Updated Wireless controller with better D-pad
  • Redesigned Kinect: 1080p HD camera with 30 fps video capture and active infrared precision for any lighting condition.
  • Cloud features such as updating games automatically.
  • Need Gold for streaming videos and using web browser.

Playstation 4 Exclusive Features:

  • Blutooth support built-in
  • Dual Shock 4 controller incorporates touchpad, light bar LED for quick information(low health etc), share button for streaming/ uploading gameplay and speaker (which can be muted)
  • Online media features free to use (Netflix, Pandora, Internet Browser etc)
  • Stream games directly to PS Vita and use Vita as PS4 controller
  • Playstation Eye(sold separately) : Facial recognition and tracking with 2 cameras at 1280×800 pixels.
  • PS4 instant On (no waiting up to 60 seconds to power off or on)
  • PS4 will offer movies scaled at 4K resolution but not games.
  • PS4 learns about your personal preferences, such as likes and dislikes and recommends media.
  • Playstation App for tablets and smartphones to become a second screen for PS4 to view items, purchase games, or remotely watch others play games.

Xbox Exclusive Games:

  • Halo 5
  • Titanfall (also on PC)
  • Dead Rising 3
  • Forza Motorsport 5
  • Ryse
  • Quantum Break
  • Killer Instinct
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Below
  • Project Spark
  • Untitled Black Tusk Project
  • D4
  • Kinect Sports Rivals
  • Project Spark (also on PC)

Playstation Exclusive Games: 

  • Drive Club
  • Killzone: Shadowfall
  • The Order: 1886
  • Knack
  • Infamous: Second Son
  • Blacklight: Retribution (also on pc)
  • Planetside 2 (also on pc)
  • DC Universe (also on pc)
  • Resogun
  • Warframe (also on pc)
  • War Thunder (also on pc)
  • Rime
  • Shadow of the Beast
  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
  • Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn (Also on PC)
  • Deep Down
  • Soma
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (Also on PC and Current Gen consoles)
  • The Witness
  • Transistor
  • Contrast

There are many more titles still in development for both these consoles that have yet to be announced. We hope you enjoyed this comparison of the next generation of console gaming. Vote in the Poll below which console you are more likely to get after being informed or both.

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U.S. Government Back After 16 day Shutdown


This past Thursday President Barack Obama spoke within the White House Dining Room in Washington regarding lawmakers decisions the previous day to end a 16 day government shutdown. Furloughed employees such as those working for national parks and NASA are now returning to their federal jobs as well.  Lawmakers have temporarily come to a compromise regarding U.S. government debts and the newly instated health care laws. The decisions on how to deal with the government defaulting have been delayed until mid-January. Through this event both parties hope that the American people see how they are affected regarding big government and small. The government shutdown had cost the U.S. economy approximately $24 billion.

source: Associated Press

Image: Creative commons

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New Mammal Species Discovered in S. America, Olinguito



This newly discovered mammal species, Olinguito was found in a mountainous forest in Ecuador. It’s appearance resembles a bear face with the body of a raccoon. The new mammal was found by a group of Smithsonian researchers led by Kristofer Helgen. At first glance it may be mistaken for a sister species the olingo however olinguitos are smaller have a rounder face, and bushier fur. The olinguito’s diet consists of fruit and weighs around 2 pounds. She also gives birth to one baby at a time. According to Helgen, there may be thousands of olinguito’s in the forests but since they travel through the trees at night they are harder to spot.


Source: MSN/Associated Press

Image source: Associated Press



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2 Million deaths Each year caused by Air Pollution

386198516_cc06f2ee5d beging smog



According to a study published in IOP Publishing’s Environmental Research Letters, over 2 million people die each year due to human caused increases in air pollution. A huge number of the deaths occurs in Asia due to high population and severe air pollution. The increasing change in the climate environment over the last 100 years or so of industrialization has caused the ozone to be disrupted with the adverse effects causing health problems all over the world.

News source: Science Daily

Image source: Creative Commons

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Zimmerman Found Not Guilty



Those of you who have been following the case of the shooting of an African American teenager Tray Vonmartin by an member of a neighborhood watch group by the name of George Zimmerman, the verdict of the case had been revealed today as not guilty. George Zimmerman has been cleared of the killing. This case has caused an uproar by a majority of social network site users such as Twitter with many against the decision made by a jury of 6 women. Vonmartins’ parents took to Twitter as well to share their opinions and grief for their son do to the unjust decision made by the court.

News source: Associated Press

Image Source: Associated Press

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